SLD - Hair Bows

$ 16.00

Special Occasion, Tinkie's Garden and Violet Collection Hair Bows:  Here are the best hair bows ever! These flowers look so beautiful you can almost smell them! The hand-crafted flowers are multi-layered, giving them an attention grabbing 3-dimensional quality. To finish them, the center of each flower is accented with a Swarovski Crystal.  Like all of Susan Lanci's designs, her hair bows are made from genuine upholstery grade Ultrasuede® fabric imported from Japan. For all of those designs that use crystal, Swarovski® crystal is used exclusively. Lastly, all of our hair bows are manufactured in the USA. One size only XS (1.5")

Big Bow Hair Bow: Here are the best hair bows ever designed to coordinate with our harness and collar designs!  Susan Lanci bows are double layered and come with a French-style barrette mechanism. Made from genuine upholstery grade Ultasuede® fabric that imported from Japan. Swarovski® crystal is used exclusively. Lastly, all Susan Lanci products are manufactured in the USA. One size only TC (1" wide)