SLD - Blankets

$ 20.00

Susan Lanci blankets come with the same fabric on both sides as the standard offering. They will wash up beautifully; just remember to air fluff or line dry, but absolutely NO heat. Lastly, these blankets are manufactured in the USA.

  • Available in 3 sizes:
  • 12" x 16" Carrier Blankets are designed and proportioned to fit inside travel carriers or even a large purse. Many people use them as lap blankets for small dogs.
  • 28” x 28” big enough for a good size dog or a group of little guys.
  • 40" x 50" - People love the plush furs that are used in Susan Lanci's Cuddle Cups so much; they asked to have them made big enough for people. In response, these big 40” x 50” throws were created. They’re big enough for you and your best friend or maybe just the “Big Dog”.