Pink Neoprene Life Jacket with Grey Polka Dots **NEW

$ 29.00

This Neoprene pet life vest provides ultimate buoyancy and visibility. Pet Life Vest is constructed to provide warmth and comfort in cool water, this Dog Life Jacket features an advanced mesh underbelly for proper draining and drying which provides your dog more comfort & healthier conditions than traditional dog life vests. 

Dog Life Vest Safety features include reflective strip on back for the ultimate in visibility and reflective nylon handle on top for quick, easy handling & control of your pet. 

Other features of our dog life vest include adjustable nylon straps , quick-release buckles, along with a heavy-duty yet very comfortable Velcro fastening system around the belly and straps at neck area keep vest securely fastened on dog.

The polka dots are also reflective

SIZING - Select the right size based on your dog's girth. Girth is determined by measuring around the widest part of the rib cage. Using dog weight is not the best factor in determining the correct size