Lupine 1" Wide Roman Harness for Medium & Larger Dogs

$ 25.00

The veterinarian recommended way to walk your small dog and a great way to help larger, older dogs up and down stairs! This traditional harness is designed to eliminate pressure on your dog’s delicate trachea area. Adjustable shoulder straps help to reduce strain on the neck and back.

Always trendy and stylish, they are never printed or ribbon overlay and always tested for color fastness. Our products are made right here in NH and use the same durable components found in climbing and hiking gear and a custom extra-strength buckle ensuring that you can count on Lupine time and time again. Lupine products will stand the rigors of time and keep your pet looking good too!

  • Premium jacquard woven nylon
  • Available in a variety of fashion-inspired patterns
  • Proudly built in Conway, New Hampshire
  • 100% GUARANTEED (Even if Chewed) or scratched
  • Machine wash, warm water, mild soap (no bleach or bleach alternative)
  • Air dry