Hurtta Outdoor Winter Jacket

$ 65.00

The ultimate Winter Wear for active dogs, this outstanding range of outdoor wear has been developed in Finland by European market leaders, Hurtta. The fabric of the Winter Coat is made up of three layers. The outer, waterproof polyamide fabric and the inner polyester polar fleece lining, sandwich a layer of Houndtex(R) which is a durable, breathable, water and windproof layer developed for especially demanding conditions. The coat has elastic leg straps for the dog's hind legs which keep the coat snugly on the dogs body and it has an adjustable waist and neckline lined with warm, soft faux fur. The lockable buckle attachment is on the back of the coat, which makes the garment easy to put on and take off and the abdomen piece effectively protects the dog's chest and tender abdomen area. There is 3M reflective trim on the back of the coat and the waist strap to aid visibilty in low light conditions and the coat is available in a wide range of sizes to ensure a perfect fit for your active best friend.

Hurtta winter jacket is an efficient way of keeping the dog warm. The garment protects the dog’s major muscle groups and tender abdomen area. The jacket can be put on and taken off quickly, which makes it perfect for warming up active dogs’ muscles before or after training.

Q and A

Q: Is the winter jacket waterproof?
A: Yes, the Hurtta winter jacket is waterproof

Q: Is this suitable for a small Yorkie, or is it adjustable for smaller dogs?
A: The most important measurement in the Hurtta Winter jackets is the length of the back which is same as the size. The waist and the neck are adjustable. You would need to have your dog’s back, neck and chest measurements for determining the best size.

Q: Is the jacket able to be used along with your harnesses?
A: Unfortunately there isn’t a hole for a harness (or collar) D-ring in the winter jacket so it’s meant to be used with collar.

Q: We use a harness where the leash attaches in the front. Would that still be possible with this coat?
A: If the leash can be attached in the front, the harnesses can be worn with the winter coat. But if the leash should be attached in the back, then there is unfortunately no possibility to wear the winter jacket with this kind of harness.

Q: What size is recommended for an adult, muscular, beagle?
A: The recommended size for the Beagle is 36 or 40. It depends mostly for the length of your dog’s back. Which is the same as the size in the jackets.

Q: Is the jacket machine washable and if so/or not , how do you clean the jacket.
A: The jacket can be washed in the machine in 40 Celsius degrees but there is possibility that the plastic parts can harm your washing machine. So if you feel like you are not willing to take that risk you can also wash it by hand.

Size cm / inch Backlength cm / inch Neckline cm / inch Chest cm / inch
24cm / 9" 24cm / 9" 31-35cm / 12-14" 39-45cm / 14-18"
27cm / 11" 27cm / 11" 32-36cm / 12-14" 40-50cm / 16-20"
30cm / 12" 30cm / 12" 36-40cm / 14-16" 42-52cm / 17-21"
33cm / 13" 33cm / 13" 40-45cm / 16-18" 57-63cm / 22-25"
36cm / 14" 36cm / 14" 47-52cm / 19-21" 60-66cm / 24-26"
40cm / 16" 40cm / 16" 47-52cm / 19-21" 64-70cm / 25-28"
42cm / 17" 42cm / 17" 39-44cm / 15-17" 58-64cm / 23-25"
45cm / 18" 45cm / 18" 50-55cm / 20-22" 64-70cm / 25-28"
50cm / 20" 50cm / 20" 55-60cm / 22-24" 70-76cm / 28-30"
55cm / 22" 55cm / 22" 59-69cm / 23-27" 83-93cm / 33-37"
60cm / 24" 60cm / 24" 59-69cm / 23-27" 88-98cm / 35-39"
65cm / 26" 65cm / 26" 59-69cm / 23-27" 92-102cm / 36-40"
70cm / 28" 70cm / 28" 63-73cm / 25-29" 98-108cm / 39-43"
75cm / 30" 75cm / 30" 62-72cm / 25-29" 98-108cm / 39-43"
85cm / 33" 85cm / 33" 67-77cm / 26-30" 102-112cm / 40-44"