Giant Slipper Pet Bed in Teal Faux Suede and Faux Sherpa

$ 99.00

Giant Slipper Pet Bed for shoe lovers! Larger than our Moccasin Bed! You know how much your pets love your slipper! Be a loving and considerate parent, give them what they love the most! Better yet, let them cozy up inside of something they will truly enjoy!

Made in the USA. This original design Slipper Pet Bed suits small pets up to 18 lbs (This is just a suggestion based on our experience. Pls check the bed measurements below, always take your pets' body type and napping style into consideration). most cats, small breed dogs and alike should be all able to curl up comfortably in this soft bed. Pls check out "get familiar with the bed" section here for some tips.

Overall Size :  21.5" X 15.5" X 9"
Inner Size : 21" X 15" X 7"

Faux Suede, Faux Sherpa, Faux Suede Ribbon, Coated Metal Buttons, and Eyelets, Foam

Get familiar with the bed

Usually, pets need to warm up to something brand new to them, especially cats. If your pets don't jump in it right away, here are some tricks that can help:

1, Put the bed at a higher location, like on a sofa, your bed, a shelf, a table, a platform next to windows... etc.
2, Put their favorite toys or old blanket into the bed
3, Put them inside and then give them some snack to encourage them to stay and feel the bed. 
4, Let them decide how they prefer to use it! Some pets like to curl up inside, some like to crush on top and use it as a "bolster style".
5. (for Moccasin Beds only) Insert the bentwood strip (comes with the bed) into the tunnel on the shoe flap, to create a larger "entrance", as an invitation for pets to come in and explore.


- Remove shoelace and cushion foam prior to wash 
- Spot clean the cushion (foam) with a damp cloth if needed, gently shake the foam and lay dry. Do not put the foam in direct sunlight. Pls note the foam might turn yellowish over time, but it's completely normal and will not affect the performance and quality.
- Machine wash the bed cover on gentle cycle, cold water with mild detergent. Wash the bed alone inside the washer. NEVER use a washer with an agitator.
- Tumble dry at low/medium heat setting, dry it alone and remove it promptly. Reshape the bed right away
- Do not bleach/ Do not iron/ Do not dry clean