Eco-Cat Cave Deluxe (Green or Orange Leaf) - Large Size

$ 89.99

Soft and warm cat cave will be the best gift for you or your friend’s cat. They will love snuggling or sleeping in it. Your cat will love this soft and woolly, they will feel snug and warm. Cats are naturally attracted by the wool odor because of the lanolin smell.

Size: 20 inches diameter, Height: 11 inches, Hole size: 7 inches

Story behind the product: These handmade products have been prepared by disadvantaged women from the beautiful Himalayan country of Nepal. Their livelihoods have been sustained from the sales of these products and it gives us immense pleasure to showcase the artwork of these talented women.

Easy Care: Felted wool Cat Cave, as well as other natural wool does not require washing. Wool naturally repels dirt, it is usually sufficient to air felted footwear for odors to disappear. If necessary gently hand wash with lukewarm water press the remaining water from the bed with your hands, reshape and let it dry on towel.

Note: Items are handmade so every pieces shape, size, color may vary slightly