Dogger Stroller Accessories

$ 12.00

Brand Dog Quality

Safety Lights for your Dogger Stroller

If you like walking in the evening then these dog stroller safety lights will help to keep you and your dog highly visible. These easy to use safety lights are placed on the front forks of your Dogger and give you three options for lighting up your way: 1) Fast flashing; 2) Slow flashing; 3) Steady.
Batteries included.

Drink Holder for your Dogger Stroller

This handy dog stroller drink pouch will securely hold your coffee, water bottle etc. It also has a handy storage section ideal for keys, dog bags and more. This drink pouch easily attaches to the handlebars of the Dogger. If you like being able to bring a drink along for your walk or jog or the convenience of having keys and other important items at your finger tips then this is a must-have accessory for your Dogger™.

Orthopedic Pad for Your Dogger Stroller

Provide your older dog with additional comfort with this orthopedic memory foam pad for use inside the Dogger basket. Lays over top the existing pad to help not only add additional padding, but to also give your senior dog some relief from sore joints. Memory foam helps to evenly distribute your dog's weight relieving pressure on sore joints. It conforms to your dogs body, creating an extra layer of ultimate comfort during their Dogger rides. Removable cover for easy washing.