Elite Buddy-Bahamas **NEW

$ 68.00

Elite Buddy-Bahamas The name ‘Buddy Bahama’ is a tribute to Buddy, the miniature Dachshund that inspired his Mom, Roxanne, to create the uniquely designed Buddy Belt harness back in 1997 when Buddy and his Mom were living in the Bahamas.  

Our Elite Buddy Belt is made with gold hardware with soft, supple grain leather with a tropical print. **Swarovski crystal option not available for this color**

The Nylon Accent leashes feature a beautiful golden nylon length with hardware to match the BBs, while the All-Leather leash follows our standard design with smooth leather. 

*Buddy Belt is releasing Buddy-Bahama in sizes 2-6, and all leash options (1/2” x 4’ and ¾” x 4’ in both Nylon Accent and All-Leather). Size 1 and sizes 7-10, along with all sizes of collars, will follow (date TBD). 

The Buddy Belt has only one buckle and slips on in seconds, making going for a walk a pleasure. You will feel confident that the Buddy Belt’s low cut design and ergonomic fit minimize pressure on your dog’s neck and spine ensuring a better well being. To guarantee quality, a devoted and passionate dog-loving crew carefully handcrafts each Buddy Belt in Toronto, Canada. 

Matching collars and leashes sold separately.