Cat In The Bag - Designed to Make Travel Less Stressful for You and Your Cat

$ 25.99

A Ground-Breaking Idea In Cat Care:

Cats can be hard to handle when it comes time to travel, give them medicine, clean their teeth or bathe them. 

They struggle. They scratch. They kick. They brace. They get loose. 

The Cat-in-the-bag Cozy Comfort Carrier, however, is designed to be better than the crate for traveling or the towel-wrap or other holding bags for medicating. 

It was developed especially for cats to be easy to use, comfortable and secure.

 No Trauma, No Drama:

Most cats hate crate carriers because they have a fear of forced confinement. They will brace, struggle and scratch in a desperate attempt to avoid being put in a crate. Trapped inside a crate, a cat scrabbles in panic on the plastic. 

A cat does not fight the bag carrier like he fights a crate. When your cat is in his Cozy Comfort Carrier, his head is outside the bag so you can hold him, pet him and calm him. He doesn’t feel isolated or trapped. The loose, soft cotton bag gives him plenty of room to stretch, sit up, stand up, lay down and curl up. 

But the cat will not get loose. Once you have properly fastened the adjustable Velcro collar around his neck, he is secured in the bag and it is safe to take him outside. You will be able to give him medicine without him scratching you or getting away.

 The Revolutionary Design:

The Cozy Comfort Carrier features a roomy bag made of tightly woven cotton that resists scratching and snags. The looseness of the bag makes it easy to put on your cat, allows him unrestricted movement inside of it for comfort, and prevents him from scratching through the material. 

The Velcro collar adjusts like a drawstring to fit any neck size. Wide and soft, the Velcro strip is inside the cotton neckline for added comfort. 

A zipper across the bottom opens the entire bag, making it easier to put on your cat. 

A handle on the back of the bag is also a shoulder strap and becomes a seatbelt pass-through in your car.

How To Put Your Cat In The Bag:

Open the adjustable neckline and the zipper. Gather the material in one hand, from the bottom of the bag to the collar. 

Your cat should be on a couch, bed, table, chair or the floor and facing away from you. Cup you hand firmly around his chest. 

Slide the collar over his head. Adjust the collar by pulling the Velcro strip from inside the neckline. It will adjust to any size. Make sure you can slide one finger under it, but also make sure it is snug enough so the cat can’t slide a paw through it. 

Now you can easily pull the bag down and zip it across the bottom. 

Use your handle to carry the cat, or use the carrier as a comfort bag by carrying him in your arms. 

In the car, place your cat on the seat with his face toward the dashboard. Slide your seatbelt and shoulder strap easily through the handle.

 Vets love it!

The trip to the vet’s is a lot less stressful with the Cozy Comfort Carrier. 

Cats typically arrive at the vet’s already traumatized by the trip in the crate. Then they often struggle with the vet and vet techs. 

But with the bag carrier, it’s different. The cat arrives calmer. The vet and vet techs can actually use the bag as a tool because they don’t have to take it completely off. They can leave the neckline fastened and unzip the bottom to do much of, if not all of, their work.

Medicine and dental care:

Cats do not like to open their mouths. Many people try wrapping their cats in a towel to control them while giving pills, liquids, eye or ear drops, or while cleaning teeth. 

But the towel can come unraveled as the cat struggles, and owners can get scratched or find themselves trying to coax their cat out from under a dresser. 

The Cozy Comfort Carrier makes a great holding bag for medicine and dental care because the cat cannot get loose. You can let the bag hold the cat while you hold his head, get his mouth open and get the medicine in. He can’t jerk his head, sending his liquid antibiotic flying. No more wasted medicine, and you know he got the whole dose.


The bag carrier can even help when it comes time to trim your cat’s nails. There are two recommended ways to use it. 

The first way is to put your cat in his bag like you would if you were traveling or giving medicine. Loosen the collar, then draw one front arm out. Slide the collar under the cat’s arm, then tighten the Velcro. The bag will hold the cat in while you do one arm at a time. 

To access the cat’s back feet, keep the Velcro collar fastened around his neck. Pull the zipper open just enough to find the feet, keeping his front feet covered. 

Another way to trim nails is to trim all four feet through the bottom. Open the zipper half-way, just enough to expose the front feet. The zipper keeps the back feet confined.  When you are ready to trim the back feet, unzip to expose them and use the Cozy Comfort Carrier to cover the front feet.  Click on the YouTube link at the bottom of this page to watch our video on nail trimming.

 Bath time:

The vast majority of cats hate water, and bath time is never easy. But with the Cozy Comfort Carrier doubling as a bathing bag, you won’t get scratched and you won’t have to chase a soapy cat through your house. 

Just put the bag on the cat like you would if you were traveling or giving medicine. After you fasten the collar, place a dab of soap or shampoo on his back before you pull the bag down and zip it closed. Put the bag in a few inches of water and wash the cat, using the bag like a washcloth. You can also open the bottom zipper once the bag is wet to access any areas of special concern – the wet bag is heavy and the cat cannot move his legs and feet much. 

Then, take the bag out of the soapy water and do your rinsing with the cat still inside.

  •  Additional Features and Benefits
  • Machine Washable 
  • Durable 
  • Easy to Store
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to maneuver in and out of your car


Small Size is for cats under 10 lbs.

Large is for most cats over 10 lbs. 

Extra-large is a specialty size for very large cats, typically big-breed males. These cats may start around 20 pounds and range up to 40 pounds or more, with a torso length of at least 19 inches from base-of-neck to base-of-tail. If your cat does not meet the size criteria  for XL, you should order large instead.