Buddy Belt Multi Collars - Elite Colors - One Collar, Numerous Interchangeable Colors

$ 17.00

Brand Buddy Belt

Multi Collars is the easy to use, interchangeable dog collar. Multi Collars is a quick, convenient way to change your collar and save you money.

Switching your style is simple! You can easily switch the colour of your collar in less time than it takes you to read this sentence! (no kidding, try it for yourself!)

Choose from dozens (and soon hundreds) of leather Style Straps in a wide range of colors and patterns that easily pair with your Biothane Base Collar.

Our custom designed metal hardware makes it really, really durable and really, really easy to use. Multi Collars’ unique charm and hook make your new collar so special.

Find your Size & learn how easy it is to switch your style here: http://multicollars.com/find-your-size-2/.