Rocking Ball Cardboard Playhouse

$ 25.00

Playhouse for cats, dogs, and any playful pets! (18.1"L X 18.1"W X 15.7" H)

Bring something fun and new to your furry babies' life! This specially designed cardboard playhouse has a strong structure and is made of high-quality cardboard. Depending on the cat-sonality of your cat, some cats will jump in and start to roll it right away, and play "catch-me-not" with their playmates; others might prefer to use it as a perfect hideout place to chill!

Enjoy watching your cats rolling in and out of this rocking playhouse!

!!! Flat pack and assembly required !!!


High-quality cardboard
100% recyclable and environmentally friendly
Unstable shape to encourage your cat's interaction
Avoid placing it in a high moisture or wet environment 
Don’t put it close to the fire/ flame/ high heat

Cardboard items are not returnable.