Why Dogs Love Car Rides?

One of the wonderful moments for a dog owner is watching his/her dog enjoying a car ride. You might be wondering why your dog loves to be a part of long drives. Actually, there are multiple reasons linked to it.

When your dog is with you and your family members in a car, he feels that he is in the home with family. And being with you is always a happy time for him. In these cases, he believes the car to be an extended version of the home.

Also, visiting the new places in a car is a new experience for him. The sight of other people, greenery, birds, animals, and beautiful buildings offer him a pleasant time. Apart from offering aesthetic pleasure, the ride also allows the dogs to experience myriad pleasant scents from the atmosphere. It is the presence of around 200 million receptacles in the nose which offers an intense experience during every outing.

Another important reason is that car rides give them feeling that they are going for a hunt. It is believed that a ride offers them a feeling of euphoria.

The dogs are wise enough to understand that drive in a car will also include a good treat. And delectable food is synonymous with excitement for both humans and dogs.

Taking your dog for drives regularly boosts his confidence and ensures that his world is not just limited to your neighborhood.

Make sure to use a good quality car seat while taking them for a ride. Car seat from Pup Saver is a good option that ensures maximum protection of your puppy during his traveling time.

December 19, 2016 by Ogre Logic