What Makes Buddy Belt Harnesses So Popular?

Do you know that Miniature Dachshunds are more active than larger Dachshunds? These cute creatures have always remained a favorite of Americans.

The owners of these adorable dogs love to them pamper them through the use of various products. One such product, Buddy Belt Harness, is quite popular among owner of these dogs.

Its popularity attributes to the fact that it offers a combo of functionality and fashion. Being made up of finest quality hardware and 100 percent leather, it is quite appealing. The patented design results in the reduction of stress from your pet’s neck. The expert designers of this harness from Toronto, Canada-based Class Art Productions Inc. put their creativity and proficiency for delivering the best design.

On the other hand, the traditional harnesses can be discomforting for your pets. They can even cause damage to the spine or windpipe of your pet.

 It is available in multiple colors, including blue, caramel, red and pink. These little harnesses are also available in some premium colors, including buttercup, cocoa, pistachio, and dark brown. A range of luxury Buddy Belt harness is also popular among the pet owners.

These harness belts are often coupled with numerous accessories, like matching ID collars, couplers, liners, and leashes. Certified animal chiropractors, like Dr. Leo K. Rosenberg, have confirmed that Buddy Belt enhances health and function among the pets.

Therefore, offer a special to your beloved Buddy in the form of this little harness. Enjoy 1 percent discount by using direct debit at checkout.
November 28, 2016 by James Moody