If you ask us our favorite product from the other, we love every pet product that enhances a dog’s/cat’s life. But still, if you want to a specific product range, then the answer would be Poochie-Bells.

Let’s check all the available options of Poochie Pets Poochie Bells available on our store.

Cotton webbing Poochie Bells

These dog potty training doorbells come in different earth tone colors. This product comes with two sets of bells. These reinforced bells are lead-free and completely safe to use. The price is mere $24.99.

Premium bamboo Poochie Bells

For environmentally-conscious dog lovers, we offer Poochie bells made using durable bamboo webbing. Bamboo is a biodegradable material, grown without fertilizers or pesticides. You can currently get these bells in Ruby Red or bamboo color. These are also available for 24.99 dollars.

Premium leather poochie-bells

If leather is what you love, try premium leather Poochie-Bells from our store. The bell made using Italian-grade upholstery leather, which is durable and flexible. You can choose from some interesting colors like black, dark walnut, pomegranate, and saddle brown.

Classic Doggie Dialogue Poochie Bells

There is a range of Poochie Bells with some exciting slogans on them. These slogans include “Run Fast Bark Loud,” “Heart with My Human,” and “Keep Calm and Wag On.” Designed using grosgrain ribbon, this is available for only 18 dollars.

We would again like to reiterate that we love every product that enhances a pet’s life. You can also get Sleepypod pet gear from our store.
August 23, 2017 by James Moody