Should I choose a harness or collar? If you are unable to solve this confusion, this post will help you. We have compiled some essential benefits of using dog harness.

Less pressure on neck

As no pulling on the neck takes place while using a harness, the chances of trauma are reduced. When a dog pulls forcefully against the collar, pressure on the neck is felt, which leads to difficulties in breathing. Anxiety can also result from pulling. All these issues are not seen with harnesses.

Better communication with your pet

Yes, harness also helps the owners improve communication with their pets. A lot of harnesses come with two points of connection. These connections allow the owners to communicate with pets effectively.

Control during walk

As it offers an optimum level of control, owners find harness quite simple to use when they go out for a walk with pets. Even the inexperienced dog walkers love it.

Support of handicapped dogs

If your dog is handicapped or injured, then the harness is a better choice than any other type of product. Harness provides a good support while stair climbing or walking. Various harnesses are designed to make it simple for owners to lift pets in different situations. This is possible with pets having multiple points of contact.

How Wet Nose Boutique helps?

Wet Nose Boutique is a renowned pet store that offers a range of dog harnesses. The company has dog harnesses from popular brands like Puppia and Lupine.
February 17, 2017 by James Moody