Summer is approaching, and it is the time to provide special care to your pets. If you are a dog owner, who is looking to protect his/her pet this summer, check these tips.

  1. Watch signs of dehydration

Dogs don’t sweat. An overheated dog drools excessively. His eyes become a little pale when he is dehydrated. During dehydration, it takes longer for the skin to return to its place if you lift his skin.

  1. Don’t leave him in a parked car

You should not leave your dog in a parked car, as a car retains more heat than compared to an open region. On longer rips, keep the A/C on and have water for your dog.

  1. Use sunscreen

Sunscreens are mainly popular for the use by humans, but these products are also designed for dogs. Get a UV protectant sunblock for dogs to prevent his skin from getting burnt. Apply sunscreen to fur and skin of your dog.

  1. Place frozen bottles near resting areas

Freeze two-liter bottles and wrap them using a towel. Place these wrapped bottles near resting area of pets to keep the environment cool.

  1. Use pet carriers with air mesh windows

If you are buying pet carriers for your dog, check if they carry air mesh windows. These windows allow proper ventilation when your pet is in a carrier.

  1. Do not take him out between 12-4 PM

This is the hottest time of the day. You must avoid taking the pet out for a walk or with a dog stroller during this time.

Conclusion: All these tips will ensure that your beloved pet remains cool even during scorching heat. If you are looking for pet products online, check Wet Nose Boutique. You can get strollers for dogs and cats from the store.

March 22, 2017 by James Moody