Loving your pets is one of the best feelings. The filmmakers from Hollywood have regularly captured different aspects of pets through some interesting flicks.

Among all the movies made on pets, we have shortlisted the top five we love the most.

  1. Marley & Me

You must have watched movies that offer some life lessons. But in this movie, it is a dog that offers some valuable life lessons. This comedy drama, starring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston, is something you shouldn’t miss.

  1. Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

This is based on a real story of a college professor and his dog. In this emotional journey, you will learn the real meaning of love. This Richard Gere starrer family drama was released in 2009.

  1. Frankenweenie

Yeah, you guessed it right. The film has elements of classic Frankenstein story, but instead of a human, it’s a dog that comes to life due to a science experiment. This animation movie is a must-watch if you love flicks by Tim Burton.

  1. My Dog skip

From the power of friendship to introverted childhood, the movie touches several themes. This Kavin Bacon starrer comedy drama was released in 2000.

  1. I am Legend

Who said there can’t be a good movie about a pet-human relationship with the post-apocalyptic backdrop? This Will Smith starrer flick will satiate your craving for a good sci-fi drama.

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May 24, 2017 by James Moody