At Wet Nose Boutique, we always strive to make the lives of pets and their owners better through our products. We also believe in educating the pet owners by informing about different aspects of raising a pet.

Through this blog post, we discuss some tips on choosing an insurer and purchasing insurance for your pets.

Check caps and deductibles

In some policies, you get 100 percent cover for treatment of your pet, whereas in others, you receive 70- 80 percent. Check the deductibles and caps by going through the insurer’s brochure or by discussing the same with customer service reps.

Discounts for multiple-dog insurance

A lot of insurers give you discount if you purchase policy for more than one dog. Therefore, if you own multiple dogs, check the insurers that offer this type of discount. 

Check the type of cover the company is offering

Some insurers cover accidents and illnesses, whereas the others cover only accidents. A lot of plans also offer preventive care that includes vaccinations and checkups. Check your requirements and choose the plan accordingly.

Premium depends on multiple factors

Different factors like age of your pet, breed, pre-existing illness, etc. decide the premium of your plan. Check how your insurer is calculating the premium.

Conclusion: The insurance makes sure that illness of your pet does not affect your budget. Check this space for more updates. If you are looking for soft dog harness from Puppia and other renowned brands, you can go through our store. You can also contact us for cat collars and leads.
May 18, 2017 by Ogre Logic