If you think that your pet only needs a simple leash and collar, you are terribly wrong. You need to ensure that the harness you use on your dog protects it. A harness helps in controlling and providing safety to the dog in many cases.

To ensure maximum level of safety, BuddyBelt manufactures special harnesses that your dog will enjoy wearing. BuddyBelt harnesses are designed in a way that they exert less stress on your pet’s neck. These harnesses are made of pure leather and high quality hardware. While offering multi-functionality, the harness is also quite attractive.

Traditional neck collar cause more harm than good. Most pet owners fail to realize this until it’s too late. Traditional neck collars cause unnecessary stress of your pet’s neck. When this prolonged stress is not address at the earliest, it can cause damage to the windpipe or the spine of your pet.

This is why, the manufacturers of BuddyBelt harness have put efforts in maximizing the function of the harness so that it promotes health to your pet.

These harnesses are handcrafted in Toronto, Canada, where engineers pay special attention to every aspect of the harness.

BuddyBelt harnesses are available in a variety of sizes and colors. You can pick one that fits the best for your pooch. You can also customize your BuddyBelt harness by adding crystals to it.

March 27, 2019 by Shirley Williams