If you are still living in the perception that your dog only needs a simple collar and leash, then you are absolutely wrong. Simple leashes that you find on the market do more harm than good. Simple harnesses cause unnecessary stress on your dog’s neck.

To solve this critical problem, BuddyBelt came up with an amazing dog harness that is not only effective and functional but also promote healthier lifestyle to your pets. The harness is designed in a way that it puts less stress on the dog’s neck and distributes the force around the dog’s shoulder and chest area. These harnesses are made of pure leather and quality hardware that make the harness attractive.

Since we now know that traditional neck collar cause unnecessary stress on your dog’s neck, the prolonged stress may result in damage to windpipe or the spine of your dog. These BuddyBelt harnesses are specifically designed to enhance the function and health of your pet.

BuddyBelt harnesses come in a variety of colors. You can pick one that fits the best for your pet. You can also customize your BuddyBelt harness by adding crystals to it.

BuddyBelt harnesses are highly recommended by Animal Chiropractors and Veterinarians.

April 15, 2019 by Shirley Williams