By manufacturing a range of high-end apparels for pets, this Finland-based brand (Hurtta) has delighted pet owners from all over the world. It’s the combo of innovation and quality that has allowed the brand to achieve a status of a reputable brand.

Let’s check five clothing options from this brand that are perfect for dogs.

  1. Cooling Coat

Now, you don’t have to worry if there is hot weather outside. You can simply wrap the body of your dog with this cooling coat. You just need a plenty of cold water to activate this innovative cooling wrap.

  1. Hurrta Raincoat

Made up of high-performance outdoor fabric, this raincoat from Hurrta protects your dogs during rainy and windy conditions. The sensitive regions like the abdominal area and various muscle groups remain protected with its use.

  1. Hurtta Outdoor Overall

Designed using Houndtex® material, this product keeps the dog protected from mud and dirt. The dog feels comfort while playing and running due to the presence of adjustability of the neck, legs, and waist region.

  1. Hurtta Frost Jacket

This is a perfect choice to keep your dog warm during windy and cold conditions. The presence of reflectors ensures that your dogs remain safe even during the night time.

  1. Hurrta Waterproof Fleece Jacket

This cute piece of clothing is made up of two fleece layers. Your pooch not only stays protected from wind, cold, and frost but also enjoys maximum levels of comfort.

All these products from Hurrta collection are available online through the popular store Wet Nose Boutique.

November 25, 2016 by James Moody