You will find myriad of cat collars on our store, with each having its own unique features. Lupine Breakaway cat collar is one popular variant that will delight you in various ways. Let’s check the reasons why it is a must-buy for cat owners.

  • Guaranteed for life

Yes, you get lifetime guarantee with this cat collar. The guarantee stays valid even if the cat chews or scratches the collar.

  • 11 unique designs

You can choose from 11 unique patterns while purchasing this cat collar. These unique designs include:

  • Beetlemania
  • Big Easy
  • Teddy Bear
  • Candy Apple, etc.
  • Safety buckle

The presence of safety buckle makes it a wise purchase for cat owners. This buckle releases when pressure is around four lbs.

  • Available with a bell

There are several reasons to include a bell on your cat collar. They help you identify where your kitty is hiding. It also prevents the cats from hunting the birds. And yeah, cats love them. Therefore, you can choose to include a bell on this collar without paying any extra charge.

  • Highly reasonable

This multi-feature cat collar is available for only 8.50 dollars. And, the company offers 20 percent discount on your first purchase, which means further savings.

Apart from this custom breakaway cat collars, you will like air buggy for your dogs.

December 19, 2017 by James Moody