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5 products from Susan Lanci Designs you should have for your doggie!

The products from Susan Lanci Designs for dogs are quite trendy and utilitarian. At Wet Nose Boutique, you will find myriad of products from this brand at reasonable rates.

Here, we have listed five products from this brand that the pet owners love the most.

  1. Carrier Blankets

You can place this blanket inside carrier or a large purse easily. These USA-made blankets are super-soft and easily washable.

  1. Fringe Cuddle Carrier

Take your best friend safely and comfortably along with you using this comfortable carrier. The interiors are made using plush Minky Curly Sue fabric, whereas the exterior is designed using soft-luxe suede. You can choose from five different colors, namely doe, black, pink, mint, and buckskin.

  1. Curly Sue blankets

The size of this blanket is 28”x28”. This means a group of small puppies or one large-sized dog can use it comfortably.

  1. Windsor check beds

Windsor check beds are popular for their style and comfort. The round bed is available for 146 dollars, whereas the price varies for other designs and shapes. You can select from three different sizes, including small, extra small, and medium.

Cuddle Cups

You will find an array of cuddle cups that your pooch is going to love. Just looking at the images of these cups provides you with a sense of comfort. Imagine how gleeful and comfortable your little friend will feel in it.

You can also get Mister Migs dog gear from our store. To order these designer pet products, check this link.

December 21, 2017 by James Moody

5 reasons to get Lupine Breakaway cat collars from Wet Nose Boutique

You will find myriad of cat collars on our store, with each having its own unique features. Lupine Breakaway cat collar is one popular variant that will delight you in various ways. Let’s check the reasons why it is a must-buy for cat owners.

  • Guaranteed for life

Yes, you get lifetime guarantee with this cat collar. The guarantee stays valid even if the cat chews or scratches the collar.

  • 11 unique designs

You can choose from 11 unique patterns while purchasing this cat collar. These unique designs include:

  • Beetlemania
  • Big Easy
  • Teddy Bear
  • Candy Apple, etc.
  • Safety buckle

The presence of safety buckle makes it a wise purchase for cat owners. This buckle releases when pressure is around four lbs.

  • Available with a bell

There are several reasons to include a bell on your cat collar. They help you identify where your kitty is hiding. It also prevents the cats from hunting the birds. And yeah, cats love them. Therefore, you can choose to include a bell on this collar without paying any extra charge.

  • Highly reasonable

This multi-feature cat collar is available for only 8.50 dollars. And, the company offers 20 percent discount on your first purchase, which means further savings.

Apart from this custom breakaway cat collars, you will like air buggy for your dogs.

December 19, 2017 by James Moody

Why are cat cave beds one of the most interesting products from our store?

The pet owners from across the country prefer using our online store due to an impressive range of pet products we offer. Among these products, cat cave beds are one of the most exciting products.

This collection is made entirely from natural wool. The use of finest quality wool (Merino) ensures the cat remains healthy and happy.

The natural properties of this Merino wool ensure kittens and cats stay clean and smell better. Cleaning this cave is a breeze. If you want to offer more comfort to your cat, cut the hole larger.

A regular cat cave by Walking Palm is available for 49.99 dollars. You can choose from 12 different colors.

If you are looking something classier, try Eco-Cat Cave Deluxe. This Apple colored product has a hole size of seven inches and its height is 11 inches.

This Felted Wool cat cave can be cleaned easily and does not require washing. Get this large-sized cat cave for 89.99 dollars.

Other designs from this category include:

  • Magenta Floral
  • Lime Green/Pink Flowers
  • Pumpkin
  • Strawberries
  • Cream Floral
  • Green or Orange Leaf

Well, cat cave is not the only popular product from Wet Nose Boutique. There is a huge variety of harnesses the company offers. Curli harness is one popular variant from this store.

Mister Migs Dog Gear is another interesting product from this store. This gear includes T-shirt, denim tote, tie vest, sport vest, etc.
November 24, 2017 by James Moody
Get Air Buggy for your dog from our pet boutique

Get Air Buggy for your dog from our pet boutique

We, at Wet Nose Boutique, understand that how important it is maintain quality in the life of your dog. This is why we introduced Air Buggy for the dogs that are available on our online store.

Here are some of these buggies we sell on the store.

Cube Twinkie

This model is perfect for dogs up to 55 pounds. The great thing about this buggy is that the dogs can enter and leave without any need to lift them. Just remove the wheels, and a doghouse for your pooch is ready. Get it 450 dollars from the store.

Dome2 Medium brake set

It is ideal stroller for a medium-sized or multiple small-sized dogs. It is available in nine different colors, such as navy, cranberry, black, brown, and camouflage. This brake set includes air pump, wrist strap, frame, dome attachment adapter, two rear tires and dome cot. Get it for 519 dollars from the store.

Cube Nest

This is the most spacious model in this category. Your dog can enter and leave easily without any restriction through the rear entrance. Due to its triangular structure, it offers easy handling and high maneuverability. You can use it safely at night, as rear and front reflectors are fitted on it. It is available in two colors, navy and milk/brown. Get it for 550 dollars from the online store.

Get 20 percent off on all air buggies from our store by using this Coupon Code: AIR110917
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Why should you order crystal rocks collars from Wet Nose Boutique?

Collars have always remained one of the best-selling products for dogs. In the current era, the brands keep on modifying the designs to offer more comfort and enhance the style. Susan Lanci Designs is one such brand that offers attractive collars for dogs. One such collar is ½ inch crystal rocks collar, which is made using upholstery-grade Ultrasuede fabric. The brand imports this fabric from Japan. The comfortable and extremely soft fabric is breathable. The microfiber is so thin that human eye cannot see it. This abrasion –resistant material is animal-friendly. It also offers resistance against piling, stretching, fraying, and shrinking.

This USA-made collar comes in numerous colors, including Bimini Blue, electric pink, platinum, red pepper, and French lavender. This is available in seven different sizes.

And the most eye-catching feature is the presence of four rows of Swarovski crystals. And you can enjoy all these benefits by paying only 58 dollars.

You can also get a matching leash, hair bow, and harness for this collar. We, at Wet Nose Boutique, will ship this product within two to three weeks.

Apart from the collars, you can also find harnesses from our store. Puppia soft dog harness is the most popular product from this store. These are also available in different designs and colors.

 Contact us via phone between 9 AM to 5 PM (Eastern) for queries: 352 897-6863. You can also connect via email:
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We do we love Poochie-Bells from Poochie Pets?

If you ask us our favorite product from the other, we love every pet product that enhances a dog’s/cat’s life. But still, if you want to a specific product range, then the answer would be Poochie-Bells.

Let’s check all the available options of Poochie Pets Poochie Bells available on our store.

Cotton webbing Poochie Bells

These dog potty training doorbells come in different earth tone colors. This product comes with two sets of bells. These reinforced bells are lead-free and completely safe to use. The price is mere $24.99.

Premium bamboo Poochie Bells

For environmentally-conscious dog lovers, we offer Poochie bells made using durable bamboo webbing. Bamboo is a biodegradable material, grown without fertilizers or pesticides. You can currently get these bells in Ruby Red or bamboo color. These are also available for 24.99 dollars.

Premium leather poochie-bells

If leather is what you love, try premium leather Poochie-Bells from our store. The bell made using Italian-grade upholstery leather, which is durable and flexible. You can choose from some interesting colors like black, dark walnut, pomegranate, and saddle brown.

Classic Doggie Dialogue Poochie Bells

There is a range of Poochie Bells with some exciting slogans on them. These slogans include “Run Fast Bark Loud,” “Heart with My Human,” and “Keep Calm and Wag On.” Designed using grosgrain ribbon, this is available for only 18 dollars.

We would again like to reiterate that we love every product that enhances a pet’s life. You can also get Sleepypod pet gear from our store.
August 23, 2017 by James Moody
Doggie Dialogue Leashes from Wet Nose Boutique

Doggie Dialogue Leashes from Wet Nose Boutique

At Wet Nose Boutique, you can get a range of designer dog leashes from renowned brands. Among these dialogue leashes, the ones by Doggie Dialogues are quite popular. These are available for 20 dollars each.

Leashes are made using die-cast zinc and swivel-eye snap hooks. Every Poochie-pets leash is available with upper D ring. This allows you to clip the accessory easily when you take your pooch out for a walk. The length of this leash is six feet and width is 1 inch. You can choose the leash with one of the following quotes:

  • “All you Need is Love and Dog”
  • “Woof”
  • “Run Fast Bark Loud”
  • “Lucky Dog”
  • “Keep Calm and Wag On”
  • “Good Dog Green”
  • “Bad to the Bone”
  • “Home is where the Dog Is”

Choose the one you love, and you will feel more connected to your pooch.

If you like your dog’s leash plain, get leather leash from Buddy Belt brand. They are available in multiple colors, including black, blue, caramel, pink, hot pink, sprout, black crackle, etc.

You can also order plain ultrasuede leashes, which are available for 34 dollars each. This leash from Susan Lanci Designs is constructed from rugged material and is quite easy to maintain. You can easily wash this breathable and colorfast fabric. Your dogs will love this soft and comfortable fabric.
June 26, 2017 by Ogre Logic

Tips For Buying Pet Products Online

When it comes to online shopping, it is natural to get confused due to numerous pet boutiques selling countless products. A little bit of research is necessary to get what’s best for your dog.

We have unlocked some tips to help you purchase products for your beloved pet.

Buy in bulk

Purchase the pet products in bulk to save a lot of money. You can also be sure that there is no dearth of items that your pet needs regularly.

Dog harnesses are the best option

When compared with leashes and collars, dog harnesses are best for your dog. They do not cause chocking effect and make it easier for you to control your dogs. Wet Nose Boutique offers dog harnesses for sale from different brands. Sleepypod Dog safety harnesses from this store are quite popular among dog owners.

Register for discounts

A lot of companies offer discounts on their websites if you register for their newsletters. There are also some shipping-related discounts that can help save additional bucks.

Read terms and conditions

Every online pet boutique has its set of policies when it comes to buying the products. These policies are related to shipping, return, exchange, and warranty. Read them thoroughly to avoid issues at later stages.

Check the materials

Whether you are buying apparels, harnesses, or toys, the primary thing you must check is the material of the product. A substandard material can badly harm your pet’s body. Therefore, choose only renowned suppliers and manufacturers while making a purchase.

Read the size chart

To avoid size-related issues, check the size chart present on the online store. If it’s not available, give a call to customer support of the store or write them an email.
June 23, 2017 by Ogre Logic

Top 5 Movies Based On Pets

Loving your pets is one of the best feelings. The filmmakers from Hollywood have regularly captured different aspects of pets through some interesting flicks.

Among all the movies made on pets, we have shortlisted the top five we love the most.

  1. Marley & Me

You must have watched movies that offer some life lessons. But in this movie, it is a dog that offers some valuable life lessons. This comedy drama, starring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston, is something you shouldn’t miss.

  1. Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

This is based on a real story of a college professor and his dog. In this emotional journey, you will learn the real meaning of love. This Richard Gere starrer family drama was released in 2009.

  1. Frankenweenie

Yeah, you guessed it right. The film has elements of classic Frankenstein story, but instead of a human, it’s a dog that comes to life due to a science experiment. This animation movie is a must-watch if you love flicks by Tim Burton.

  1. My Dog skip

From the power of friendship to introverted childhood, the movie touches several themes. This Kavin Bacon starrer comedy drama was released in 2000.

  1. I am Legend

Who said there can’t be a good movie about a pet-human relationship with the post-apocalyptic backdrop? This Will Smith starrer flick will satiate your craving for a good sci-fi drama.

Just like these movies, if you also want to make your relationship strong with your pets, buy products that make their life easier. You can buy the harness for dogs from Wet Nose Boutique at reasonable rates.

May 24, 2017 by James Moody

Tips For Purchasing Insurance For Your Dog

At Wet Nose Boutique, we always strive to make the lives of pets and their owners better through our products. We also believe in educating the pet owners by informing about different aspects of raising a pet.

Through this blog post, we discuss some tips on choosing an insurer and purchasing insurance for your pets.

Check caps and deductibles

In some policies, you get 100 percent cover for treatment of your pet, whereas in others, you receive 70- 80 percent. Check the deductibles and caps by going through the insurer’s brochure or by discussing the same with customer service reps.

Discounts for multiple-dog insurance

A lot of insurers give you discount if you purchase policy for more than one dog. Therefore, if you own multiple dogs, check the insurers that offer this type of discount. 

Check the type of cover the company is offering

Some insurers cover accidents and illnesses, whereas the others cover only accidents. A lot of plans also offer preventive care that includes vaccinations and checkups. Check your requirements and choose the plan accordingly.

Premium depends on multiple factors

Different factors like age of your pet, breed, pre-existing illness, etc. decide the premium of your plan. Check how your insurer is calculating the premium.

Conclusion: The insurance makes sure that illness of your pet does not affect your budget. Check this space for more updates. If you are looking for soft dog harness from Puppia and other renowned brands, you can go through our store. You can also contact us for cat collars and leads.
May 18, 2017 by Ogre Logic