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Get your Cats Collared with Designer Cat Collars

Taming pets isn’t as simple as it sounds. It requires ample amount of patience and urges to keep your pets whether dogs or cats with the utmost care that they require. Knowing the fact that cats are the most frivolous of them all, there is a dire need to keep it hooked with fancy designer cat collars in the USA available on various portals. The collars are made with superior quality leather so that your cute little furry cat does not choke and moves about freely at all hours.

Similarly, the air-buggy strollers designed especially to move pet from one place to the other can make it a lot easier for your pet to stay safe at all times.

Why go for Designer Cat Collars?

You wouldn’t want to see your lovable cat in a single and the usual cat collar that makes it look dull. The designer cat collars hence are the funky and fancier way to add a glammed up look and feel to the cats. Also, the collars enable your pets to feel supported at all times of the day hour even when you’re not around. The cat collars also protect cats from injuries that may happen due to alien elements.

Buy cat collars from online portals dealing with pet products and accessories. Just log in to any of the reputed portals, select the cat collar of your choice and order it right away to have it delivered to the doorsteps. Give your cats a comfortable feel with designer cat collars and take them for strolls in the comfy air-buggy strollers.  


August 13, 2019 by Shirley Williams

Buy Designer Cat Collars to Pamper your Furry Pals

If you really are pet lovers and own or wish to adopt them investing in pet accessories like the designer cat collars and air buggy strollers is must have. Pets whether dogs or cats have always demanded extra care and love and owning accessories to keep them looking stylish. With online portals offering a wide array of pet products and accessories, it has become convenient for the buyers to pamper their pets and show unconditional love towards them.

Cat Collars Available in Designer Styles

Although making cats wear collars may hurt or scratch them while they’re outdoors on contact with a fence or a tree branch, it is recommended indoors. Amongst a wide range of them available online including stretch collars, the leather collars or the padded collars, the leather collars are the best ones to purchase. Why leather? It’s because they are available in various textures and styles that your pets simply get used to them in no time.

What does an Air Buggy Stroller do?

If you’re one of those who doesn’t want to leave your furry pals behind whether out for shopping or on a stroll in park, you would know the relevance of air buggy stroller. An air buggy stroller is an ultimate comfort wagon for the pets that offers them a private space on wheels.

Available in a variety of styles and designs, choose the perfect one for your pet and buy it right away. The strollers include zipped buggies that safeguard the pets during extreme weather conditions. Also, the strollers are light weight, which means you can easily move them from one place to other without any hassle. So, bring home a complete happiness and see your loving canines roll in and out of these fabulous accessories available online.

July 10, 2019 by Shirley Williams

Bring Home Pet Accessories for Immense Comfort

If you’re among those who think least about looking after your pets and their concerns on a daily basis, think again. You might be fond of keeping pets at home but if you aren’t looking after them properly or for that matter considering their convenience and comfort, you’re definitely missing on an essential thing in their regime. With pet shops cluttering with several accessories like the designer pet carriers for sale and buddy belt harness for dogs, there are endless options to keep your pets comfort all day long.

Things to Keep in Mind before Buying Pet Accessories

Amongst several things that need to be looked into while purchasing accessories for your cuddling furry pals, the foremost thing is to ensure each product is made from high-quality material so they’re not discomforted ever. Whether it is the collars, leashes or dog belt harnesses get it all online and show your love so they give you all the affection back.

Avail Designer Pet Carriers for Sale

Designer pet carrier bags come handy for sale online. Available in a wide range of styles and designs, you are completely spoilt for choice. All you need to do is log into reputed portals and explore from a variety of them available and make your picks instantly right away.

Pet carriers are best to use while you’re on the go to distant places so that the pets too can snuggle in their own spaces whenever and wherever. The carriers are made from high-quality fabric that allows them to breathe even while they are tucked inside them. Also, the bags are designed in such a manner so that pet lovers can carry their cuddly pals swiftly and effortlessly. Make it part of your pet’s life and watch them playfully endear you.

June 21, 2019 by Shirley Williams

Buddy Belt – How It Makes the Life of Your Pet Comfortable

Are you living in the perception that your dog only needs a simple collar and leash? Well, then you need to realize that simple collar and leashes can compromise your pet’s wellbeing. These mediocre leashes can do more harm than good to your pet and can cause unnecessary stress around your dog’s neck.

In order to solve this problem, our buddies from Buddy Belt came up with an innovative dog harness that is not only effective and functional but also promote healthier lifestyle to your dog. The harness is put together in a way that it exerts less stress on the dog’s neck and distributes the force around the dog’s shoulder and chest area. This harness is also made of pure leather and quality hardware that make the harness attractive.

When traditional neck collars are used for a prolonged period of time, it may result in damage to windpipe or the spine of your dog. These Buddy Belt harnesses are specifically designed to enhance the function and health of your pet.

Buddy Belt harnesses come in a variety of colors. You can pick one that fits the best for your pet. You can also customize your Buddy Belt harness by adding crystals to it.

Buddy Belt harnesses are highly recommended by Animal Chiropractors and Veterinarians.

May 20, 2019 by Shirley Williams

How BuddyBelt Dog Harnesses Help Your Dog Live a Comfortable Life?

If you are still living in the perception that your dog only needs a simple collar and leash, then you are absolutely wrong. Simple leashes that you find on the market do more harm than good. Simple harnesses cause unnecessary stress on your dog’s neck.

To solve this critical problem, BuddyBelt came up with an amazing dog harness that is not only effective and functional but also promote healthier lifestyle to your pets. The harness is designed in a way that it puts less stress on the dog’s neck and distributes the force around the dog’s shoulder and chest area. These harnesses are made of pure leather and quality hardware that make the harness attractive.

Since we now know that traditional neck collar cause unnecessary stress on your dog’s neck, the prolonged stress may result in damage to windpipe or the spine of your dog. These BuddyBelt harnesses are specifically designed to enhance the function and health of your pet.

BuddyBelt harnesses come in a variety of colors. You can pick one that fits the best for your pet. You can also customize your BuddyBelt harness by adding crystals to it.

BuddyBelt harnesses are highly recommended by Animal Chiropractors and Veterinarians.

April 15, 2019 by Shirley Williams

How BuddyBelt Harness Can Give a Better Quality of Life to Your Pet

If you think that your pet only needs a simple leash and collar, you are terribly wrong. You need to ensure that the harness you use on your dog protects it. A harness helps in controlling and providing safety to the dog in many cases.

To ensure maximum level of safety, BuddyBelt manufactures special harnesses that your dog will enjoy wearing. BuddyBelt harnesses are designed in a way that they exert less stress on your pet’s neck. These harnesses are made of pure leather and high quality hardware. While offering multi-functionality, the harness is also quite attractive.

Traditional neck collar cause more harm than good. Most pet owners fail to realize this until it’s too late. Traditional neck collars cause unnecessary stress of your pet’s neck. When this prolonged stress is not address at the earliest, it can cause damage to the windpipe or the spine of your pet.

This is why, the manufacturers of BuddyBelt harness have put efforts in maximizing the function of the harness so that it promotes health to your pet.

These harnesses are handcrafted in Toronto, Canada, where engineers pay special attention to every aspect of the harness.

BuddyBelt harnesses are available in a variety of sizes and colors. You can pick one that fits the best for your pooch. You can also customize your BuddyBelt harness by adding crystals to it.

March 27, 2019 by Shirley Williams

5 products from Susan Lanci Designs you should have for your doggie!

The products from Susan Lanci Designs for dogs are quite trendy and utilitarian. At Wet Nose Boutique, you will find myriad of products from this brand at reasonable rates.

Here, we have listed five products from this brand that the pet owners love the most.

  1. Carrier Blankets

You can place this blanket inside carrier or a large purse easily. These USA-made blankets are super-soft and easily washable.

  1. Fringe Cuddle Carrier

Take your best friend safely and comfortably along with you using this comfortable carrier. The interiors are made using plush Minky Curly Sue fabric, whereas the exterior is designed using soft-luxe suede. You can choose from five different colors, namely doe, black, pink, mint, and buckskin.

  1. Curly Sue blankets

The size of this blanket is 28”x28”. This means a group of small puppies or one large-sized dog can use it comfortably.

  1. Windsor check beds

Windsor check beds are popular for their style and comfort. The round bed is available for 146 dollars, whereas the price varies for other designs and shapes. You can select from three different sizes, including small, extra small, and medium.

Cuddle Cups

You will find an array of cuddle cups that your pooch is going to love. Just looking at the images of these cups provides you with a sense of comfort. Imagine how gleeful and comfortable your little friend will feel in it.

You can also get Mister Migs dog gear from our store. To order these designer pet products, check this link.

December 21, 2017 by James Moody

5 reasons to get Lupine Breakaway cat collars from Wet Nose Boutique

You will find myriad of cat collars on our store, with each having its own unique features. Lupine Breakaway cat collar is one popular variant that will delight you in various ways. Let’s check the reasons why it is a must-buy for cat owners.

  • Guaranteed for life

Yes, you get lifetime guarantee with this cat collar. The guarantee stays valid even if the cat chews or scratches the collar.

  • 11 unique designs

You can choose from 11 unique patterns while purchasing this cat collar. These unique designs include:

  • Beetlemania
  • Big Easy
  • Teddy Bear
  • Candy Apple, etc.
  • Safety buckle

The presence of safety buckle makes it a wise purchase for cat owners. This buckle releases when pressure is around four lbs.

  • Available with a bell

There are several reasons to include a bell on your cat collar. They help you identify where your kitty is hiding. It also prevents the cats from hunting the birds. And yeah, cats love them. Therefore, you can choose to include a bell on this collar without paying any extra charge.

  • Highly reasonable

This multi-feature cat collar is available for only 8.50 dollars. And, the company offers 20 percent discount on your first purchase, which means further savings.

Apart from this custom breakaway cat collars, you will like air buggy for your dogs.

December 19, 2017 by James Moody

Why are cat cave beds one of the most interesting products from our store?

The pet owners from across the country prefer using our online store due to an impressive range of pet products we offer. Among these products, cat cave beds are one of the most exciting products.

This collection is made entirely from natural wool. The use of finest quality wool (Merino) ensures the cat remains healthy and happy.

The natural properties of this Merino wool ensure kittens and cats stay clean and smell better. Cleaning this cave is a breeze. If you want to offer more comfort to your cat, cut the hole larger.

A regular cat cave by Walking Palm is available for 49.99 dollars. You can choose from 12 different colors.

If you are looking something classier, try Eco-Cat Cave Deluxe. This Apple colored product has a hole size of seven inches and its height is 11 inches.

This Felted Wool cat cave can be cleaned easily and does not require washing. Get this large-sized cat cave for 89.99 dollars.

Other designs from this category include:

  • Magenta Floral
  • Lime Green/Pink Flowers
  • Pumpkin
  • Strawberries
  • Cream Floral
  • Green or Orange Leaf

Well, cat cave is not the only popular product from Wet Nose Boutique. There is a huge variety of harnesses the company offers. Curli harness is one popular variant from this store.

Mister Migs Dog Gear is another interesting product from this store. This gear includes T-shirt, denim tote, tie vest, sport vest, etc.
November 24, 2017 by James Moody
Get Air Buggy for your dog from our pet boutique

Get Air Buggy for your dog from our pet boutique

We, at Wet Nose Boutique, understand that how important it is maintain quality in the life of your dog. This is why we introduced Air Buggy for the dogs that are available on our online store.

Here are some of these buggies we sell on the store.

Cube Twinkie

This model is perfect for dogs up to 55 pounds. The great thing about this buggy is that the dogs can enter and leave without any need to lift them. Just remove the wheels, and a doghouse for your pooch is ready. Get it 450 dollars from the store.

Dome2 Medium brake set

It is ideal stroller for a medium-sized or multiple small-sized dogs. It is available in nine different colors, such as navy, cranberry, black, brown, and camouflage. This brake set includes air pump, wrist strap, frame, dome attachment adapter, two rear tires and dome cot. Get it for 519 dollars from the store.

Cube Nest

This is the most spacious model in this category. Your dog can enter and leave easily without any restriction through the rear entrance. Due to its triangular structure, it offers easy handling and high maneuverability. You can use it safely at night, as rear and front reflectors are fitted on it. It is available in two colors, navy and milk/brown. Get it for 550 dollars from the online store.

Get 20 percent off on all air buggies from our store by using this Coupon Code: AIR110917
November 21, 2017 by James Moody